Introducing Funk Futures' Operations Manager and Technical Advisor

Updated: Jun 7

Operations Manager, Minah Webb:

Minah is the Operations Manager for Funk Futures with prior experience as a Project Manager and a Social Media Coordinator straight out of college. Her approach to management is more focused on understanding human behavior and leveraging people's strengths to their fullest potential.

Minah has a vast skill set and is known by many to be “Jill of all trades''. In any position she finds herself in, she exceeds all expectations. In 2018, during her User Experience and Design internship with Build a Better Book, she had no experience with engineering, but had a vast background in elementary education. Through her time in her internship, she was able to learn and successfully print 3D textiles for blind children. She ultimately went on to lead a seminar on the importance of texture in relation to how blind children navigate their surroundings and comprehend important information. She also went on to publish a fully immersive book aimed at helping young blind children accurately identify animals.

She is a Colorado local who recently relocated to Southern California with a newfound love for the west coast. Minah holds a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Business from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She spends her free time with her cat, and working on various fiber art projects.

Technical Advisor, Eric Marshall:

Eric Marshall is a registered petroleum engineer with 20 years of experience optimizing mature assets. His holistic approach to wellbore design and diagnostics has proven extremely effective over the years, with a direct impact in optimizing assets sold for over $5 billon in three separate transactions.

Eric joined GEODynamics in December 2018 as a Senior Technical Advisor and recently identified a $2 million/year completion cost savings through optimization of perforation strategy and stage spacing. He is also currently serving as a board advisor for Iron-IQ, a cloud-based SCADA platform.

Eric arrived at GEODynamics from Fracture ID where he served as Vice President of Engineering. During his time with Fracture ID, Eric successfully created a revenue-generating engineering consultancy and increased data processing capacity by 28% through standardization of workflow processes. This led to a compound annual growth of 174%.

Prior to Fracture ID, Eric served as the Engineering Manager of Integrated Petroleum Technologies for nearly 10 years. There he helped grow the company by nearly 3x in a 3-year period by maintaining high technical standards and efficient workflows.

Eric started his career with Halliburton, specializing in coiled tubing and stimulation operations. Under his leadership, Halliburton developed the Pinpoint Stimulation (coil frac) technology and successfully implemented it in 10 countries.

Eric is a graduate of the Colorado School of Mines with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), a member of the Rocky Mountain Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s leadership team and a volunteer with the Navy SEAL Foundation. Eric has co-authored numerous SPE and AAPG technical papers, has taught completion & well stimulation seminars and currently serves on program committees for technical conferences and workshops.

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