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At Funk Futures, our team of experienced recruiters do what other firms don't. We produce industry-specific talent that other firms can’t. Above all, our team shares a total commitment to heads-down, no-nonsense, tough and gritty recruiting fundamentals. We’re not a flashy marketing firm. We’re relationship-centric recruiters, and we do our jobs better than anyone.


Whether its finding talent for a new position or promoting a new position to the right applicants, our laser-focused team of experienced recruiters has you covered.  Funk Futures takes a high-quality, low-volume approach to recruiting. You can rely on our experience and vast network of industry contacts to bring you the absolute best candidates in the marketplace. While our peers may excel at finding candidates who are the "best of the unhappy and unemployed”, Funk Futures does things differently; our established and expansive network allows us to directly reach, attract, and secure the top 10 percent of professionals who are ready to make an impact, and ultimately become top contributors in your organization.  Contact us today to see what Funk Futures’ recruiting division can do for you!

Roles we have filled include:

  • Chief Revenue Officer

  • VP of Sales

  • Controller

  • Business Intelligence Analyst

  • Account Executive

  • Business Development Manager

  • and more...

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