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Spira’s ORP™ is changing the way organizations operate by digitally- linking the field to the office, creating a trusted source-record for revenue, cost, compliance, utilization and scheduling.


At Spartan, the mission is to be both
transformative and enduring
by unlocking the full value of radar for the
‍safe and reliable movement of people and things.



Resource Energy Solutions optimizes operational efficiencies through digitalization

RES provides well operation, cost, compliance & risk management solutions across the entire well life cycle for the upstream and midstream energy sector

and regulators.


Asgard Cyber Security is a boutique firm providing cybersecurity solutions in the form of vulnerability assessments, manual penetration testing, user awareness training, proprietary ransomware protection software, and bespoke consulting services supporting both IT and OT teams.


Onward has created a singular place where energy innovators, scientists and leaders come together to share their talents and find specialized expertise.

The breakthroughs we need will be powered by human energy, by people motivated to shape a new and resilient future.


Actual empowers forward-thinking organizations to turn critical ESG goals into action. Their software platform's powerful predictive models, comprehensive decision support, and detailed reporting transform complex ESG commitments into measurable results.


Use Xecta to unlock the maximum potential of your assets. We provide a comprehensive suite of tools that helps you understand what’s possible and the path to realize it. Our hybrid models update automatically, allowing operators to make informed decision and take proactive measures to improve performance.

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