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Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Funk Futures is pleased to announce our newest partnership with Actual, an ESG software company that is determined to make its mark on the oil and gas industry. Actual is not like other companies, with a drive and values rested in environmental and social impact. Their goal is to help companies establish proven, repeatable methods– all designed toward positive environmental contributions. With ESG conditions looming ahead, Actual will be a fulcrum in helping oil and gas execute on these transformative goals.

Actual is an ESG software company that helps forward-thinking organizations and companies to turn their ESG goals into tangible actions and measurable results. Actual can meet companies where they are in their digital transformation journey, helping them start to set, track, and meet ESG goals without having to spend years digitizing and collecting data. Actual’s ESG Decision Support Platform is built to help executives and boards build strategic plans to meet ESG goals globally without being forced into a one-size-fits-all approach.

Funk Futures’ is proud to align itself with forward-thinking companies that encompass a greater good for the world and its environment. "It is no secret that ESG is of massive importance right now in Oil & Gas...but not all ESG vendors are created the same. Actual, led by a team of incredibly successful entrepreneurs, has helped large companies in aerospace and transportation, as well as cities and countries looking to improve their overall environmental impact is simply on a different level than anything I have come across. We are thrilled to be working with Rajesh, Karthik, Derek, and team, and are excited to make waves together in Oil & Gas". Said Funk Futures CEO, Jeremy Funk.

Actual aims to expedite the ESG transformation of the oil and gas industry, aligning with like-minded companies that value the importance of taking the steps necessary to achieve net-zero emissions. “Oil and Gas is an incredibly complex space, with supply chains that span oceans and customers with exacting needs. ESG mandates are rapidly evolving, with varying regulations across jurisdictions. Remaining competitive in the O&G sector requires adapting to and sometimes exceeding these mandates. Actual is keen to help this industry critical to the lives of billions around the world transform to net-zero” said Actual CEO, Rajesh Chandran.

Building a sustainable future that aligns with ESG goals just became a lot easier with Actual’s transformative software. Modeled after the popular PC game SimCity, their intuitive platform allows you to create dynamic plans, communicate with stakeholders, and track your ESG progress and create benchmark reports. By working with Funk Futures, Actual will inspire the oil and gas industry to re-evaluate their current practices and transform their operations to a whole new level.

About Actual

Your enterprise has Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and mandates. Now you need a plan. The Actual Impact Platform empowers forward-thinking organizations to turn critical ESG goals into action. Our software platform's powerful predictive models, comprehensive decision support, and detailed reporting transform complex ESG commitments into measurable results. Welcome to your ESG System of Record.

About Funk Futures

Funk Futures works with best of breed Energy Technology companies of all sizes to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. Funk Futures combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” for increasing revenue and opportunities for Energy Technology companies.

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Dan Locke


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