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BLR Digital Taps Funk Futures to Expand Sales Presence

DENVER, CO – January 9, 2023. The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the Oil & Gas Technology world, one constant has been BLR Digital. For over 15 years, BLR Digital has provided clients with data and analytics-driven solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional data analysis tools. Prior to BLR, the same team created industry-standard applications such as the Petroleum Engineering ToolKit, GeoGraphix ResEV, IHS PowerTools, and IHS FieldDIRECT.

Funk Futures has partnered with BLR Digital to showcase its powerful and innovative business intelligence software. Now more than ever, companies are overwhelmed with data and need tools to streamline workflows and improve efficiencies. BLR’s approach is simple: create intuitive, easy-to-use software that is approachable to casual users while meeting the specialized needs of advanced users.

“I am impressed with what BLR Digital can do for their clients, especially as it relates to connecting, querying, and visualizing data from multiple databases – particularly ARIES® and PHDwin, and how they bring them to life. The BLR products are well-built and masterfully thought out, and I am excited to bring them to the masses,” said Funk Futures CEO Jeremy Funk.  “BLR Digital solutions are a value add to oil and gas operators of all sizes focused on creating efficient and easy-to-use workflows”.

BLR Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Doug Boone, on Funk Futures expanding BLR’s market adoption.  “We are very excited to work with Funk Futures. Their access to operators and knowledge of our solution space is a perfect match. This partnership allows us to do what we do best: focus on solving client problems. Just like every operator can benefit from BLR Digital, tech innovators in the oil and gas industry can benefit from the connections and expertise of Funk Futures”.

BLR Digital is a Denver-based software and data company that creates powerful, innovative business intelligence tools to streamline data analysis workflows. BLR Digital was founded on the premise that a world so rich in data needs flexible, easy-to-use tools, and integrated data to create valuable insights. We specialize in designing and building solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional data analysis tools.

Funk Futures works with best-of-breed Energy Tech companies to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. The company combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” to connect innovators with leading operators. Funk Futures provides contract sales, recruiting, and consulting services with a focus on early-stage companies.

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