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Updated: Feb 15, 2022

DENVER, CO. – February 9, 2022, Funk Futures, a leading Energy Tech sales and recruiting agency has formed an exciting new partnership with Spira Data, a cloud based software company that reduces oil and gas operators’ days’ sales outstanding by 20–50%. Spira’s e-ticketing platform reduces costly errors caused by manual input, in addition to enabling back office teams to review, approve, and ultimately invoice quicker and get paid faster.

Funk and Spira’s VP of Operations, Jason Webster, have worked in various capacities both together and as competitors over the last 15+ years. The mutual respect that was formed laid the groundwork for this partnership, rooted in the primary philosophy of making sure customers, software stability, and employee satisfaction are above everything else.

“Spira is focused on identifying and addressing the needs of energy industry field management through the development of innovative technology that generates significant efficiencies. Jeremy and his team fully grasp the value of Spira’s ORPTM, and we are excited for the industry to fully recognize the power of our joined forces,” said Webster.

“What drew us to Spira Data is Jason Webster,” said Funk. “Jason is a measured executive with an incredible track record of growth. He was a vital cog in Quorum’s immense growth in the Upstream sector. But now, it is all about Spira. E-ticketing is the first step for field operators, but Spira’s OTP platform is the future. We're excited about helping Spira grow their solution footprint in the Lower 48 with both Operators and Field Service companies.”

About Spira Data

Spira offers an industry-leading Operations Resource Platform (Spira ORPTM), empowering customers to streamline operations, drive growth, and manage profitability with real-time optics into field activity. Founded in 2004 to address the complex challenges of digitally collecting and managing operational data between the field and back office, Spira’s ORPTM serves markets across North America, with clients in well servicing, drilling and completions, production testing, fluid hauling, safety, and construction businesses.

About Funk Futures

Funk Futures works with best of breed Energy Tech companies to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. The company combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” to connect innovators with leading operators. Funk Futures provides contract sales, recruiting, and consulting services with a focus on early stage companies.

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