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Funk Futures Expands Recruiting Services through Solid New Partnership

DENVER, CO. – August 24, 2022. Funk Futures is pleased to announce we have expanded our recruiting services through a partnership with renowned Recruiting Beast Nate Ollestad. He came strongly recommended to Funk Futures by another Hall of Fame quality recruiter who even referred to Nate as “the best recruiter in Texas.” We think Nate has more than earned that nickname, so we will just drop hiring stats here:

  • Global Head of Recruiting, Duo Security. 250 to 750 people in 2 years during Series B to Series D funding.

  • Head of Recruiting, Literati. 25 to 150 people in 18 months during Seed to Series B funding.

  • Head of Recruiting, Spreetail. 300 to 800 people in 1 year during $25m private equity raise.

  • Interim Recruiting Leader, 30 to 300 people in 1 year during Seed to Series B funding.

  • Sr. Recruiting Manager, Rackspace. Part of 3,000 hires over 3 years.

Reach out to him at to learn more about our full service recruiting services.

About Nate Ollestad

Nate is a recruiting professional with over 15 years of experience building and scaling organizations across all industries with a focus in tech companies. He has spent his career working closely with executives to build custom recruiting strategies that increase the velocity of hiring while recruiting and retaining top talent. He and his is recruiting team have over 40 years of experience delivering results for startups to Fortune 50 companies.

About Funk Futures

Funk Futures connects energy technology innovators with best of breed energy companies. With an unrivaled database of contacts in the energy space collected by a team with over 50 years of energy tech experience, Funk Futures provides sales, recruiting, and consulting services to align clients with resources and tools that produce a valuable ROI.

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