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Updated: Jan 5, 2022

November 30, 2021

DENVER, CO. – November 15, 2021, Funk Futures, a leading Energy Tech sales and recruiting agency, is pleased to announce our expansion into the Canadian market through a partnership with the multi-talented Darren Woods. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Darren provides deep connectivity and insight into the North American energy industry. His experience as a business development and investment professional has cultivated a cross-border network of leading energy experts. Darren leverages these relationships to foster collaboration between innovators, operators and investors to promote technological progress in the energy space.

Darren will kickstart Funk Future’s presence in the Canadian buyer network while also collaborating on international marketing, branding, due diligence, and technology research. Woods was instrumental in growing the Darcy Partners brand in Canada and is very bullish on the Funk Futures brand. “Funk Futures is playing an important role for the energy industry at this time. Operators and innovators must collaborate to boost operational efficiency with modern technology, but finding the right fit is both challenging and time consuming. I'm excited to work with the seasoned experts on the Funk Futures team to help generate commercial traction using their highly targeted approach. Furthermore, fostering an energy tech landscape where innovation is shared freely across the Canada-US border is a critical step forward for North American energy."

In October, Darren appeared on Funk’s podcast, Tripping Over the Barrel which appears on the Digital Wildcatters platform. Find out how a musician from Vancouver Island ended up in Calgary doing Energy Tech and Finance as a CFA and asset manager.

Funk Futures’ CEO, Jeremy Funk, is confident in Darren’s ability to scale the business in Canada. “Darren is a huge addition to our team. His experience working closely with both innovators and operators make him a great fit to help expand our clients offerings north of the border.” By working together, Funk Futures and Darren plan to combine their industry leading contact lists to provide cost-efficient services to oil and gas companies in need while also expanding brand awareness.

About Darren Woods

Darren is based in Calgary, Canada and brings extensive experience in the North American energy industry with a particular focus on cross-border partnerships. Darren serves as an Advisor at Boreas Capital Partners, a boutique investment bank based in Colorado, where he helps lower-mid market energy technology companies raise growth capital in Canada and the US. He previously managed the Canadian arm of Darcy Partners, a Texas-based strategic consulting firm specialized in matching oil and gas operators with novel yet field-proven technologies to solve complex operational challenges. Darren’s efforts at Darcy resulted in approximately $20 million in new revenue and investment for innovative service providers. Darren’s professional network of upstream oil and gas operators, service providers, investors and SMEs span Western Canada, Texas, Colorado, California, Latin America and Australia.

About Funk Futures

Funk Futures works with best of breed Energy Technology companies of all sizes to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. Funk Futures combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” to increase revenue and opportunities for Energy Technology companies.

Media Contact:

Dan Locke


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