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Operators need well data & analytics as ESG drives more M&A

Updated: Jun 24, 2022

DENVER, CO – May 11, 2022. As the federal government moves toward requiring carbon emission reporting and transparency for the energy industry, a carbon tax also appears to be closer to reality. When this kind of transformative regulation and change has taken place historically across industries in the US from telecom and media to consumer packaged goods, the result has been an increase in consolidation through M&A. Companies that are not planning ahead often get acquired, face severe penalties resulting in significant losses, and some even go bankrupt.

Similarly, energy operators will have to adjust or consider divesting or merging assets. Competitive intelligence and industry data are critical to those companies looking to purge on those struggling to adapt. Data relating to well production and how it relates to ESG is at the forefront.

Large public companies are expected to be leaders in improving emissions and transparency and benchmarking against peers is critical. Smaller public companies and private businesses will follow suit, but will need to more rapidly get their houses in order as the SEC’s requirements for emission monitoring and reporting are expected by the end of the year. Private companies have different pressures from their investors, but will still need to adhere to regulations to be considered as viable M&A candidates.

WellDatabase provides an innovative subscription software that provides enhanced well production emissions data and analytics at a significant discount to the competition. The company’s software is an indispensable, cost effective tool that enables operators to see how they stack against their peers at a time when industry consolidation is a certainty and tracking emissions is something energy operators cannot live without.

WellDatabase consolidates, cleanses, and normalizes data from dozens of sources to provide the most reliable well data, actionable analytics, and easy to use mapping features at the most competitive prices.

Funk Futures works with best of breed Energy Tech companies to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. The company combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” to connect innovators with leading operators. Funk Futures provides contract sales, recruiting, and consulting services with a focus on early stage companies.

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