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PRAMS Plus and Funk Futures Partner to Get PRAMS in more hands

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

Denver, CO: Funk Futures, a rapidly growing sales and marketing consulting organization with a focus on Energy Technology, has been contracted by PRAMS Plus an innovative oil and gas production software company that offers complete field solution, asset management, and powerful analytic capabilities all at a low cost. This partnership highlights the capabilities that modern technology can have on the oil and gas industry.

"PRAMS Plus is an incredible business. For the past 20 years, a loyal base of small operators have seen operational improvements using PRAMS Plus’ end to end Production Management System - at an extremely competitive price point. Rick and Mark are fantastic guys who know Production, Regulatory, and Accounting inside and out, and have a fantastic purpose-built Production Management offering for our industry. Our team is excited to offer them additional market exposure and business opportunity" said Funk Futures, Jeremy Funk, CEO.

“In the past, we were told by several people that if we wanted to improve our marketing strategies that Jeremy Funk was the person to talk to. Once we heard Jeremy had founded Funk Futures, we knew we had to work with him immediately. We are thrilled to be working with Jeremy and his team to try and grow beyond our current target markets by using a more modern approach” said PRAMS Plus, Business Development, Rick Hornock.

Funk Futures and PRAMS Plus working together is a great partnership in which by utilizing Funk Futures’ well connectedness with the oil and gas industry and promoting PRAMS Plus efficient and cost-effective production software.

About Funk Futures

Funk Futures combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” for increasing revenue and opportunities for Energy Technology companies.

About PRAMS Plus

PramsX2 is an end-to-end oil and gas production management software designed to conquer the complex data-management challenges facing oil and gas operators. The ability to rapidly and accurately capture, analyze, and manage production data is vital to the success of every oil and gas operator. PRAMS enables operators to capture, analyze, and distribute information with confidence and consistency.

By simplifying field data capture through single-point data entry, they equip pumpers, foreman, engineers, analysts, and operators with the ability to effectively manage what they measure.

Media Contact:

Dan Locke


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