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Zeno and Funk Futures align to create financial efficiencies for North American Oil & Gas Companies

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

DENVER, CO – April 5th, 2023. The Oil & Gas industry in North America is at a crossroads. In the past, finding the best acreage, drilling the best wells, and hitting production targets, while hoping for high commodity prices was sufficient. This is no longer the case. Creating financial returns, with a laser sharp understanding of financial metrics, environmental impact, and timely hedging has now taken center stage. Enter Zeno Technologies. Zeno is built with an emphasis on allowing operating companies to maximize their financial performance in ways that have never been done before.

Funk Futures has partnered with Zeno Technologies - a software company that has built an Oil & Gas Operating System (Zeno OS) for the future of the energy business. Zeno brings a new way of thinking about company performance, leveraging connected data sets designed to unlock real-time financial insights.

“I have been keeping a close eye on Zeno Technologies for the past two years and am truly humbled that our team will have the opportunity to spread their message”. said Funk Futures CEO Jeremy Funk. “In spending time with the incredibly talented team at Zeno, it is obvious that they are poised for industry-wide disruption, and massive success. Their technology is sound. Their vision is clear, and their trajectory is up and to the right. Perhaps most importantly, Zeno’s desire to arm companies with integrated financial insights is sorely needed. We’re thrilled about what we can do together.”

Zeno Technologies recently named industry veteran and renaissance man, Sean Carnahan as their CEO. One of the first calls he made was to Jeremy and Funk Futures to expand market adoption. “Funk’s understanding of the Oil & Gas Technology Landscape and access to industry decision makers is unrivaled. We are excited about this partnership and believe that we are in the perfect stage of our evolution to cement this alignment. We are excited to help producers know their numbers better with the help of Funk Futures”.

Located in Austin, TX and Oklahoma City, OK, Zeno Technologies is a collective of data science nerds, energy industry veterans, SaaS professionals, and experts in many other disciplines on a mission to help businesses in a traditional industry thrive in the new market realities they face.

We are passionate believers in the power of data—combined with modern cloud technologies—to give energy producers the financial insights they need to drive business performance.

Funk Futures works with best of breed Energy Tech companies to help leverage their offerings and create revenue opportunities across the industry. The company combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” to connect innovators with leading operators.

Funk Futures provides contract sales, recruiting, and consulting services with a focus on early-stage companies.

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