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Prius Intelli & Funk Futures Partner up to expand Aerial Imagery in US Oil and Gas

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

DENVER, CO – August 28th, 2023 - The landscape of the Oil & Gas industry in North America is undergoing a transformative shift. Businesses are seeking out any solution to gain a competitive advantage, navigate the complexities of finding the best acreage, drill the best wells, and achieve production targets. Recognizing this need, Funk Futures is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Prius Intelli, a trailblazer in providing high-resolution aerial imagery, remote sensing, and GIS solutions within the Oil & Gas sector. Under the motto "You buy, we fly," Prius Intelli has established itself as a leader in offering unparalleled insights through cutting-edge technology. By delivering high-resolution aerial imagery and project insights directly to desktops, Prius Intelli empowers businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their Areas of Interest. Jeremy Funk, CEO of Funk Futures, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration: "Josh and his team at Prius Intelli are the best of the best. It is obvious that they are poised for industry-wide disruption, and our partnership aims to bring forth revolutionary changes in the Oil & Gas landscape as it relates to aerial imagery." Josh Vinyard, CEO & Founder of Prius Intelli, echoed the sentiment: "Funk's team possesses an expert-level understanding of the Oil & Gas Technology industry and has access to companies actively seeking innovative solutions like ours. We are thrilled about this partnership and believe that the industry will benefit immensely from our alignment." About Prius Intelli: Based in Dallas, Texas, Prius Intelli is the forefront provider of high-resolution aerial imagery, remote sensing, and GIS solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. The company's commitment to delivering clarity and impactful project insights to desktops has garnered it a reputation for innovation and excellence. About Funk Futures: Funk Futures specializes in collaborating with top-tier Energy Tech companies to harness their potential and generate revenue opportunities across the industry. With an unparalleled network, profound energy industry expertise, and a knack for forging connections, the company acts as a catalyst between innovators and leading operators. Offering contract sales, recruiting, and consulting services with a focus on early-stage companies, Funk Futures is dedicated to driving growth and success in the rapidly evolving Oil & Gas sector. The partnership between Funk Futures and Prius Intelli signifies a transformative stride towards combining technological innovation and industry expertise, shaping the future of the Oil & Gas landscape. For media inquiries and further information, please contact:

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